Trixes Enterpriseofficial letter from aa on flight delay (insurance claims purposes)


Good day. I have wrote in last week (ref # CAS-[protected]-901J1P) to my request for an official letter from Air Asia with regards to the flight delay for the purpose of Insurance Claims. Here are the details of the flight delay:

Flight details: XT 555
Date: 19th September 2017 from Kuala Lumpur to Bali @ 9:50pm
Delayed: 20th September 2017 @ 4am

Passenger 1 - Mr. Anthony KH Wong
Passenger 2 - Ms. Liew Yiam Chong

I have yet to receive any feedback from Air Asia on the request for a simple draft letter confirming my flight schedule delay on the said date above. As mentioned in my previous email sent a week ago, I need this official confirmation letter for the purpose of insurance claims for my flight schedule delay. Kindly please help to expedite my request so I can settle this matter with my insurance company soonest before the due date of my submission expires.

You urgent attention is much appreciated. Thank you.

Anthony KH Wong

Trixes Enterprise

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