Travelodgeclean linens, not handicap accessible, safety of the room

R Oct 07, 2019

When we arrived 09/28/19 we were given a handicap room #101 that was available upon request, we were told we could not park in the only handicap parking available because it was the managers parking space, it was legally marked handicap on the street and wall but the parking barricade was painted with the word manager.

We requested an extra bath towel which made a total of 3 bath towels for 2 people, . the next morning we requested that our room not be cleaned due to the fact I was ill all night and was rest throughout the day, the office then called back an hour latter stating we would have to turn in all our towels in order to receive new towels for the next day. When we went to take showers that day there was not bath mat. We had to go to the office to get the bath mat which was just a stained bath towel. Upon returning our towels for new ones the desk clerk was just going to throw our dirty ones into the dry for us, my husband had to request clean towels in which we were given 3 bath towels and once again no bath mat.

As far as the unsafe room the carpet was severely torn in the bathroom entry which was discovered by us when my foot got caught in the carpet tripping me. and the shower was by no means handicap assessable .

After our visit we left very disgusted not knowing weather or not we were paying for a room that had cleaned linens.

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