Toyota Motor Corporationservice department.

S Oct 02, 2019

I came into Toyota dtla back in January 2019 to get my car fixed. My smog test did not pass. They had the car for a week and told me I needed 3 parts which would cost 1200 dollars. They gave a year warranty and said it should be working fine. Brought into smog station. It flunked. Called service guy at Toyota and it still flunked said . Never called me back. I went to a referral to get a waiver from California. It did not pass. They gave me waiver but said price was so high that I should go back for warranty to make sure it was fixed. Then called manager Chris c. He said to come back in 6 months Get a oil change and we will fix the smog. He said he knew all about smog testing and can fix it. Went in Monday September 30. Service told me they would run the car themselves so it would pass the monitoring. Got notification Monday was ready. Asked was it fixed. All is working well. Talked to Chris the manager. Said he would call back today. They would get verification that smog will pass. No call. This is awful customer service. Was considering buying new car in near future but it won't be Toyota. Please help me resolve this. At least have some one call me back so I can pick up my car. Sue novelli [protected]

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