Tommee Tippeeperfect prep machine filter

I had my baby on 26th september 2019 i put a filter in my perfect prep machine the next day 27th sep 2019 and two days later its telling me i need to replace the filter i thought filters were supposed to last longer than that i am very dissapointed it cost me £12 as i am a single mother that is a lot of money for me it was a authentic tommee tippee filter that i purchased i was recomended to purchase this machine and whilst it was working it was so much easier again not happy

  • Updated by marie paulson, Sep 30, 2019

    I hd my baby on 26th September 2019 the next day i put a brand new filter i my tommee tippee perfect prep machine i purchased an authentic Tomme Tippee filter and after 2 days of using the machine its telling me to replace the filter I know they supposed to last a lot longer than 2 days to be quite honest i am very dissapointed i expected a lot better fron tommee tippee as i am a single mum i cannot afford to buy filters at an allarming rate

Sep 30, 2019

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