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I am registering for the Electronic Lucky Dip for Sevas from the time it was launched every month. Till date I haven't been able to get any ticket for the sevas. But my neighbour who registered has been able to get twice in the past six months. The point of this complaint is that there is some malpractice going on in this Electronic Lucky Dip. The results will be declared after the luck dip at 12:00 noon on the day of the dip. But he showed me the result of the dip at 11:00 am itself (see attached picture), while he showed me his logged-in TTDSEVAONLINE page still showing "countdown to luck dip" clock working.
So, this system is NOT transparent and is pliable to malpractice from the 'insiders'. Please make it transparent or move back to the old booking type on the day of opening. This is the type we are following for all types of bookings, be it the railways or even cinema booking - where we can blame ourselves for not getting tickets.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams [TTD]


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      Aug 02, 2018

    I too agree with above points, even i am trying since this system is launched..but could not make even one. earlier system also helps to book tickets for family (multiple ID's) but this system do not confirm tickets for for all. family may not be only for 2, and for TPT devotees come in group and this system provides seva tickets only for 2 if 10 devotees are visiting temple.

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      Aug 03, 2018


    As many of you, am too a devotee of Tirumala Tirupathi who is desperate to be part of sevas of TTD.
    I’m usually the point of contact for my family and friends who is less exposed to online booking of seva. That way I’m used to know about online ticketing system of TTD well.

    To my surprise the first thing is all the sevas are made in to lucky dip system. So if you are lucky enough and your planets are aligned, you will get the seva booking else till the end of your life you will ended up participating in the lucky dip.
    Then to all my surprise how come 75% of the draw always goes to AP state and remaining 25% are opened to rest of the world.
    I quickly pulled down the seats and herewith the table for your reference.

    I personally sent a mail to TTD whereas no one bother to reply. With much frustration am posting here to know, am I the one who is facing this issue or does the world knows what’s happening in terms of online booking system. ???
    Where should I take this concern now??? Who is the right person to resolve??????,

    I could hear few voice saying that “ why you have to spend time and energy to try booking something like this and have to see Balaji only at Tirumala??“
    The whole point is, ” Are we bending the belief of people who is desperate in following this online seva ticket system?” Is this some gambling!!!?”

    Looking out for answers and help…..

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      Oct 20, 2018

    This way beyond haywire with extreme communalism . So sad even at his Adobe feet with all devotion true devotes have to stay empty handed. Why can we take a pil public intrest of litigation against this ... Why is regional bias a question for the Lord is omnipotent .

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