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Di Apr 29, 2019

I brought my 2012 Chevy Cruze to the Tire Kingdom on Lee Rd. in Winter Park because my check engine light was on. The manager, Chad Obermark had me sign paperwork stating that no work could be done without my authorization. When he called me to tell me it was the mass airflow sensor, he didn't mention any additional services and told me it was $508.00 plus tax. The only explanation he offered was that the part had to come from the dealer and that was the part and labor. When I picked the car up, the invoice showed charges for the part ($210.67), another part($124.99), a fuel system tune up ($109.99), an engine clean kit (40.00) tune up kit labor ($69.99), engine diagnostics ($124.99, $62.50 credited back) and a MAP sensor ($84.86, credited back). I didn't agree to all of that, my engine light is still on and just as I pulled in at home, the "check stabilitrack" light came on as well. I feel like I was taken advantage of in the additional costs that were not discussed and there is clearly still something wrong with my vehicle. I only paid and left so that I could retrieve my vehicle, as I obviously cannot trust these people.

If this is not made right, Tire Kingdom has lost my trust as well as my business and I intend to share this info with anyone and everyone I personally know and post it on social media and contact my consumer reporter on my local news station. Shame on them for not keeping that promise to not do work without my authorization and inflating the cost AND for returning my car with the engine light still on and apparently a new issue. I will be returning in the morning to discuss this with the manager and hope that if he doesn't make this right, your company will!

Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation

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