Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporationstaff sales agents x2

T Nov 11, 2019

On 11/03/19 I went to the above tire kingdom regarding a nail in my left rear tire.
I was told not patchable needs replacement.
Estimate by young male agent given, I told him i'd call back to schedule.
On 11/4/19 2pm appt for 4 cooper tires with gary. Assisted with financing, new appraisal due to sale.
Assured me car would be done in less than 2 hours.
I called in at 330pm, 430pm and final pick up 5pm. I was told my brakes were good. And they drove car and all was good.
I drove 500 ft and service engine soon light with 4wd light and trac. Returned. Gary did computer check, told me he reset the alarm lights and checked under the hood and said,
"all hoses are on".
I left and next morning all 3 lights on. I called and said i'd be back after work. I was driving 90 miles and wanted to assure car was safe.
Young male (same as previous day), did computer check, said "its a toyota thing" lifted hood, shielded
Hand to left of cabin filter case, shook the case, opened it and said "all your hoses are good". Walked
Away from me inside.
I followed and questioned what it meant, gary and young male said just"coincidental" it came on after they worked on my car.
I had to tell young male not to talk snotty to me. He had an attitude, not professional when a customer is asking questions regarding a $250+labor estimate to replace the"mess air flow sensor.
I left saying i'd reschedule.

Wednesday am I went to clearwater toyota. Rick, service agent. I told him the above scenario.
He did complete check, lifted the hood and said," did they go under your hood"? I said yes they told me all hoses on. Rick showed me the hose that was off making my sensor light go on. Hose reconnected. 6 days later no lights on.

So this 1 year alignment package I had to consent to I will not be using as I won't be returning to a tire kingdom. I now realize why my friends said they'll rip you off, don't go there! Returning would only question further tampering to my vehicle.

This is fraud, malicious tampering if an auto and needs to be stopped!
I expect a refund of the alignment $124.99 I paid, and a response from a corporate person.
Lynn fegadel

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