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Tintoria Dry Cleaners  - Carpet handed in for cleaning returned damaged

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8:35 pm
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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My complaint lodged on the Tintoria Dry Cleaners website: I handed in a persian carpet for cleaning at Village Market, with the instruction PERSIAN CARPET HANDLE WITH CARE added onto the slip. When I got the carpet back, it was ruined. The colour ran and it was ripped/torn in two places. I took it to Soin Archade where I was assured that it will be taken for professional carpet repairs. After numerous phone calls, I was finally able to collect the carpet from Village Market. The two tears were stitched together with a few stiches in green string and that was that. I went back to Soin Arcade again, asking to speak to one of the owners but was refused. I was asked to 'give us one more chance'. Clearly, after nearly two months and a ruined carpet to show for it, I was not inclined to do so. I have in the meantime tried to reach Ms Patience via facebook and have posted requests for contact on your facebook page and have simply be ignored. Is this PROFESSIONAL? Surely a business such as your carries insurance for when things go wrong. I just don't understand why I am being treated like this. Hope to hear from you soon!
The above was ignored. I then approached the Mall where the branch of Tintoria Dry Cleaners where I handed the carpet in for cleaning, is situated. Here's the reply I received:

Good afternoon all,

We have structures in place to deal with these issues and we prefer they are followed rather than random accusations that do not help nor yield any results.

Further im briefed Rose is dealing and we are confident of her capabilities in matters customer care and all the procedures have been followed so far.

Once again, Rose is the customer care manager and she has all the details concerning this case.

In the event its another issue other than cleaning matters we are not able to deal. Please be advised accordingly.


I then spoke to Rose again (I had been dealing with her all along) - my email subsequent to our telephone conversation follows:
Dear Sir/Madam

I have had two conversations with Rose today, as requested. The outcome has been the following:

1. I am requested to return the carpet to Tintoria again. As Rose already confirmed to me on Saturday, and as I have reliably been informed by a Persian carpet dealer here in Nairobi, it is not possible to repair this carpet to its original state. There is therefore no incentive for me to return the carpet again and Rose could also not offer me any incentive.

2. I was offered a credit note for the cost of the cleaning originally done and during which process the carpet was damaged. Needless to say, I just laughed. The cost of cleaning was Ksh2360. The carpet is worth somewhere between Ksh45 000 and Ksh50 000. Go figure.

3. No realistic offer of compensation has been made.

4. Rose further stated that Tintoria has insurance in place for a situation such as this, but that Tintoria is not prepared to submit a claim in order to compensate me. I have no idea why this should be as Tintoria failed at a service they advertise in all of their outlets, namely WE CLEAN CARPETS.

I now reserve the right to take this matter outside of Tintoria as I have not had any respect, apology or offer of compensation for damaged which Tintoria admitted it caused.

Adelie Mudge

I sincerely hope that you can assist me in resolving this matter.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jan 14, 2018 8:35 pm

I believe Tintoria Dry cleaners has amazing services and are outstanding in the Kenyan market.

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