Tim Hortonsvery slow, lazy service and terrible quality of drinks

Ju Oct 11, 2019

Hello, my girlfriend and I were on our way home at 10:30 pm at SFU burnaby mountain and wanted to stop by Tim Hortons for some hot chocolate to warm us up. The doors all had a paper with the words, "Cash Only". Luckily, I had some cash and went to order 2 drinks, 1 hot chocolate and 1 hot chocolate mixed with decaf coffee. I had to yell for my voice to reach the backroom to get serviced and they were very unprofessional. The drinks turned out to be very watery and I could not even taste the hot chocolate mixed in it, and my girlfriend's mocha was also extremely watery. I had to make a complaint to this branch before when it first opened up on the mountain because back then, despite the 24 hours sign, they would have only expired foods and took longer than 10 minutes to come out from the back door after yelling from the top of my lungs to get the employees to wake up.
I genuinely believe they're lazing around in the backroom and they need to put more effort into their work.

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