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Sa Sep 30, 2019 AB Review updated:

Dear All,

My name is Sameh Sadek ; a former Employee in Tim Hortons which is located in 700 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0N1, Canada.
I am sending you today because I had to resign on Thursday 26th September 2019 based on verbal abuse and harrassment ; which was done by my former manager (Courtney).
I am a new comer to calgary and I was hoping that through a reputable corporate like tim hortons I will acquire very good canadian customer experience and to be able serve the canadian community with a quality standard that meets canadian customers expectations.
So based on that I started my training period 3 weeks ago ; since I started my training and I have been treated with a very humilating way by Miss Courtney such as (ignoring me, always staring at me in a very discriminating way).
Finally ; 4 days ago when I was working in the front area with one of my colleague (Miss. Sawraj) I heard her saying (Why is there one and half person in front) I was really Shocked I tried to confirm that she meant ME by half person and 2 of our Colleagues (Mr Abdi - the assistant manager) & (Miss Sharmiza) confirmed that she meant me and thats her usual way in treating trainee.
So based on such Verbal abuse I decided to resign in order to protect my dignity and humanity and I am sending you now in order to take action that preserve my human rights and I am willing as well to file a complaints to Alberta works as well all concerned governmental institution to preserve my rights.
CONTACT : [protected]
Email : [protected]

Thanks for your efforts and understanding.

Best Regards

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  • Cw
      Sep 30, 2019

    Think you're reading too much into this. When you're a trainee, you're not going to be as efficient as an experienced employee, and it can be that the trainees are sometimes seen as 'half' an employee based on speed efficiency. I know from own experience that when I was working in a new job similar to yours, I sure wasn't keeping pace with the experienced staff the first few weeks.

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