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Er Oct 09, 2019

On Sat. Oct. 5th at 4 pm, I visited the Tim Horton at 274 Kingston Rd. Ajax with a friend. After waiting in line for 20 mins also I was then able to place my order. The young man of Indian origin was the cashier. He has first shown me this attitude that he was impatient when I was telling him what I wanted, he just looked away without hearing me. Obviously I had to repeat my order again. I then put my royalty red card in from of him and paid for my order. I noticed that he didn't process my red card so I demanded him to do that. He said it's too late becuase I could have scanned it myself before paying him. I said I didn't know your system and you didn't instruct me to do so when the card in right in front of you. He said that's too bad and he couldn't do anything for me. So I called for the manager who appeared to be of oriental origin. Without asking for the details she told me something rapidly that I couldn't really understand her so I asked her to slow down. She kept rapid-fired some words and the only words I could only make out was something like "it's company policy and I can't do anything about it".
I couldn't believe that not only the young man had a bad attitude but also the manager. She has also shown her imcompetency in handling something so simple!
I demanded to cancel my order and got refunded. in fact she could have just simply voided my order and scan my red card so everything is in good orde again.
I didn't feel like to teach her that but just took my money and go to Mcdonald instead.
I am filing this complaint because I feel humiliated and annoyed since I was with this friend for a good time. This spoiled the whole atmostphere because of these incompetent workers of yours.
I require a feedback from Tim Horton and I'll truly appreciate if you can look into this matter at your earliest convenience.

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