Tim Hortonsrude customer service

Ra Oct 02, 2019

I am regular customer buying drinks and sandwich minimun twice a day on my break as i work at walmart tamarack location. I went to buy tea due to bad cold and sore throat and asked the manager over there to make me fresh tea as the pot was almost empty and was made 20 minutes ago, (time written was 11:40)
Went there around 11:58-12:00 noon. Barb(A.S.M) came to me and told me its not our fault if you are sick we have to waste our tea. This was first time i ask them to make me fresh coffee in 2 years of working at this location, as Its getting cold here in Edmonton and the drink i am getting from last two days was cold i am able to show my transactions about how many times i buy from same location.
Wasn't in mood of arguing due to fever but wont buy any of my food from this location,

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