Tim Hortonsfood

Mo Sep 29, 2019

I work at Surrey Dept Hospital and this location is across from work. I have been coming to this restaurant for the past 19 years. On July 29 i ordered my lunch from Timmys mobile app. There was no area to order extra sauce so once i got there i asked the girl if it was possible for her to give me some. She stated i have to pay .25 cents. I said i dont have any money on me yet as ive just walked over with my card. Im always here she sees me all the time and she said no i have to stand in line. The high school rush came in then as well so i had to waste 20 min of my 45 min break to charge .30 cents on my card.
On sept 17 i ordered my regular large steep tea double double and got a coffee instead when i got to my desk. I took it back and they replaced it but no im sorry or anything. I felt almost embarrassed taking it back as they made me feel like I DID something wrong. Today Sept 29 i ordered a bbq grilled chicken wrap for dinner and came back to my desk with a beyond burger! I took it back and they replaced it but once again no sorry! I am done with this place. They are sooo busy and are always making mistakes. I didnt get offered anything as a sorry or anything. That is not what im honestly looking for but it would de stress my walk over for their mistakes!

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