Tim Hortonseverything and anything

Da Aug 14, 2019

As a former business owner, I am appalled by the lack of EVERYTHING at this particular Tim Hortons...the service is super slow, inaccurate and in the end, no one knows who's order is whose.
But the biggest complain I have is the dirt and filth. The bathrooms are unusable and seem to be never cleaned.

We are retired and have nothing but time, to meet friends for coffee and luncheons, but NO MORE for TIM HORTONS.

You had a great franchise, but apparently no one is looking to see that the guidelines are being upheld. I do realize hiring foreign students may limit their English communication skills, but there is no excuse to dirty and filthy floors, counters and bathrooms.

I am taking the time and energy to write in hopes that a change be made in the very near future.

I'm not sure you can win me back, even though I have enjoyed the chilli in the past, but I am not willing to risk food poisoning to have it.

If you wish to contact me, please feel free.
David A. Binsfeld
[protected] Comox St
Vancouver, BC
V66G 1R 3

If you are interested in a. Full detailed report, I would be willing to supply one.

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