Tim Hortons / customer service

Ia Aug 13, 2019

I stopped in at this location to purchase coffee's and breakfast. The employee who took my order did not get it right (I asked for 2 food items and was given only one. I reminded the employee what I had ordered and she made the other order. She would not cut the food items in half (Bagels) and when I went to pay for the second Bagel, she said you can only scan your Tim Hortons Reward card once every 30 minutes and she Refused to scan it for the second item. How can this be ?? If I want a second cup of coffee, I have to wait for 30 minutes in order to collect my Tims reward points???? that to me sounds ridiculous. On another note, the Herb and Garlic spread they used on the Bagels seemed very thin like it was watered down. If Tim Hortons continues in this direction, I can see myself and many other going next door to Starbucks in the future. Soo dissapointed...

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