Tim Hortonsunable to use online coupon

T Feb 02, 2020

I was at a Tim Horton inside Esso gas station on Kennedy & Finch yesterday Feb 1, 2020. I was using the coupon in my Tim reward app, and upon scanning my card and which show the discount, the cashier requested if I have a physical copy of the coupon and that they cannot accept the discount. Manager 'Victor' came and said if you don't have the physical copy, cannot accept it. The online coupon is for mobile order. I read to him what the coupon states "to redeem, scan your Tims Rewards in restaurant OR place a moble order" After reading that, he still refused. I was so furious! This is not how you treat your customer.

Upon calling in to Tim Horton and speaking to a staff, got me even more furious!!! He also said 'yes that's is correct, the online coupon doesn't work, you need the physical copy of the coupon, because there are so many people getting their online coupon etcc. THEN WHY is TIM HORTON PUTTING UP ONLINE COUPON!!!

I want an explanation to me as to why I cannot use the online coupon. IF you are not allowing customers to use it, then DO NOT PUT COUPONS IN THE TIM APP asking people to activate the coupon.

STAFF working for TIm Horton are so unprofessional, incompetent, and rude! Can careless for their customers!

I will never ever go to tim hortons from now on!!! Unbelievable!!!

I will be waiting to hear back from upper management regarding this issue!

unable to use online coupon

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