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M Dec 17, 2019 Review updated:

I have already submitted a complaint regarding my experience. The reference # is as follows WHDMF I have called twice about this. I was told the first time that a copy of my complaint would be sent to the store in question. No response. The second call, I was told the complaint was still being investigated??? I have not heard one word nor have I gotten any satisfaction over this. I'm extremely angry that I'm being dismissed by your company. I believe I deserve a refund for what I ordered considering the circumstances. I can say you have lost a customer. I was there on Nov.22, receipt #[protected] order id# [protected] my total was $27.57 my name is Maggie Ray [address removed]

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    Nothing has been resolved. I need my complaint removed NOW. I don't want my address public.

  • Updated by Maggie Ray · Dec 17, 2019

    Please remove my complaint.


  •   Dec 17, 2019

    It is odd. Usually when people post addressed, last names, phone numbers, emails ect it says protected. I am surprised that they let this go through. Anyways as for removing this complaint I have a feeling that the site administration works business hours, 9 to 5. They don't work on weekends so it may take a while for this to be removed. If you do not email them to remove the complaint then they won't. Don't worry though. None of us are psychopathic killers. We have a psychopath (Worstfist) but he is not the kind that hunts people down and kills them. He just trolls and harasses them on their complaints.

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  •   Dec 18, 2019

    @Zachary2001 I love you! J/K. Your post is awesome!

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  •   Dec 24, 2019

    @SubSquirrel His whole, pretending to be the OP and claiming they beat their children, wheelchair bound grandparent, wife ect is getting old. His claiming that the OP bragged about being a pedophile is getting old. If the second part is true he should report the post to the police.

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  •   Dec 24, 2019

    @SubSquirrel That and the posts where he claims the OP sent him a private message saying that daddy raped them.

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  •   Dec 24, 2019

    You have to go to the bottom of the webpage where it says contact us to get this removed. Even then you have to to through lawyers and have them claim that the issue is resolved or the claims are false or something.

    OR you can just swear at people, and post p0rn all over the site. That works faster.

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  •   Dec 24, 2019

    If you want this removed just contact them at the bottom of the page. Even then you need through lawyers and paper work. Swearing at people, posting corn all over the site works better. Well they filter the word but you know what I mean by corn. If not change the c to a p.

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