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N Nov 09, 2019

Hello: This is not the first time I have been frustrated with the service at this location, but it is the first time I have lodged a complaint. I asked for 6 French toast bagels (there were five in the display case). I asked the to check for another one and they found one but it had been cut in half (which I was ok with). Again (not the first time), the cashier charged me $2.29 for each bagel — I had to tell the price was not correct as there is a bulk one as I was just taking all six bagels plain. Finally they got it sorted out and they reminded me one of the bagels would be cut in half (which is fine). They finally got me a bag of six. I asked them is there really six in this bag plus only one was to be cut in half — they nodded in agreement. I got to my car and counted because it didn't seem like six in the bag — there were only five in the bag with 3 of them cut in half. So I had to go back into the line up and wait — then told them there was only five, which they went to the counter to finally correct. I had to speak to the Manager, but I was ignored. Then I get home, not only were 3 of them still cut in half but they had been toasted (one of sides burnt). I distinctly told them to take the five new ones out of the display case and then get me ONE bagel that had been cut in half (but nothing done to it). I get so frustrated with this location — service is poor plus seems to be out of items you want for other things (not just bagels). Thanks for reading my complaint as I have finally had enough of this location.

Janice Napier
janice. [protected]

  • Resolution Statement

    It has not been resolved but I want to cancel this complaint as I went directly to the Tim Horton's site to make my comments known. Please delete this complaint. Plus, this complaint seems to be against a Tim Horton's location in Oakville, and my complaint was to a location in Pickering. Thank you.

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