Tim Hortonsservice and attitude

P Oct 05, 2019

I had ordered a sandwich and a coffee, and the cashier (woman in her 40s wears glasses) didn't tell me where to stand to receive my order so I went to the left side where they usually tell me to stand to get my sandwich the other times I've been to this location. When my sandwich was ready they called out for me and I said yes it's mine and the cashier said "you're standing on the wrong side you have to stand on the right side" very rudely. I responded "you didn't tell me where to stand" she responded "well you ordered on this side so you have to stand on this side it's common sense" ... honestly? I've never had anyone respond that way at any tim Houston's. there were several people around and it was really embarrassing getting a response like that when I was kind the entire time. This isn't what Tim Houston's customer service is about.

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