Tim Hortonspoor customer service

S Oct 13, 2019

So I went threw the drive threw 1019 dundas st e london on and the girl serving me was rude to start with said 1 coffee was free from my rewards card I then asked here to make one an extra large instead of large if it was free she said she couldnt do that it is not her responability to keep track of them it is mine so as I drove away I realized she gave me to medium instead of the 1 large and 1 medium that I asked for so I went into the store and waited for her to decide if I was lying she realized she made the order incorrect so I said since you messed up the order could you now make the free one and extra large she said no she couldnt do that again let me know it is my responibility so I got upset and said even after you messud up my order you are still not gonna honor it and I said swore so she made it a point to tell me that now for sure because I swore she wasnt going to do it wow is she the reward card nautsy I asked to speak to a manager and to my suprise this rude lady named carolyn said I am the mangager I then said well there needs to be someone I can speak to above your head about you being so rude messing up my order and still not doing the simple thing I asked you to do she said the number is on the receipt when I got to my car I called the number it was the store apperantly there is another manager I cant speak to till the weekday wow what ever happen to the customer is always right I guess even when we are right we are wrong I guess I will start getting my coffee at mcdonalds at least they honor there reward program

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