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T Jan 27, 2020 Review updated:

Not sure if it was on the 24th or 25th of January, but I went into mornvill tim hortons and forgot my grey and black plaid jacket, the 26th I went in asking a philipeno worker if a jacket had been returned she walked around the corner, I didnt see her talk to anyone to ask if they had possibly found it and came right back and said no rudely, so me being me I left it and decided to call in today the 27th to speak with a manager to se if they might be able to look at the cameras in the store, she took my info I told her I'm not at all a satisfied customer because iether one of the employees has it or a customer walked out with my jacket, I was just trying to run scenarios by her to try and get my jacket back, emidiatly after I said that she became very rude and said it's not their responsibility and its mine, I understand that I just want to find my jacket and the cameras might have helped me in my search, in my pocket is a key to my house and garage, a megnant I use for mechanics and a first aid knife which is very expensive and useful. you should iether look into training these people in peoples skills or hire people whom arent rude to the customers in simple situations, thank you darian despins-shank


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    How Rude Feb 05, 2020

    I went into a local Tims that is not a busy Tims. I fell and broke my arm in November and my hand is in a pain syndrome. I cannot use it. Also on heavy pain pills. I was the only customer.I could see ad about a 1 dollar ice coffee, but my glasses broke, so I could not read it. I asked the cashier for a medium ice coffee she punched up $2.25. I said' I thought it was a dollar.' I had just tapped my debit card. She said 'it is if you fill in a survey.' Then another woman came over and asked if something was wrong. I told her about the dollar deal and the cashier punched in 2.25. She said its not up to her to tell you the specials here! You have to read the specials! Then she asked me why didn't you ask her about the deal? I said because most likely, she would not understand me (meaning English). She then told me I was 'upsetting her staff" and told me to leave the store! Also she called me a racist!

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