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S Jan 06, 2020 Review updated:

I have been a dedicated tim hortons customer for years and years, I order them at work daily, and usually on my way home. I have recently been purchasing the caramel latte ($4) each day and everry single day it is made wrong. It is so frustrating going back each time to get it re made.
I think I should be compensated with a gift card for this constant mess up. I love the coffee but hate the service.
Every time I get one im given a french vanilla with whip cream, and when I complain they tell me that im wrong and that that is how it is suppose to be made. Which it is clearly not.
Heres my email [protected]

  • Updated by stefanie1990 · Jan 07, 2020

    You are such a troll eh? You have not explained anything. This has absolutely nothing to do with money.

  • Updated by stefanie1990 · Jan 07, 2020

    You need help.

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