Tim Hortonslack of employees doing their jobs

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I'm not sure how you feel about running a business, let alone over filling your drive thru windows with 3-4 employees at a time with nobody at the front counter. Why as a paying customer am I waiting for over 10 mins before one of your employees actually acknowledges that someone is there and that hey maybe I should do my job smacks them in the face. Why is drive thru so much more important? Are walk in customers getting their orders for free? Are you too concerned about keeping drive thru under a minute that you would ruin your reputation for those who do not use drive thru and that is usually a 15 min wait or longer just to place your order?
You will get looked at a ton of times by a so called supervisor there, but you will NOT get served by them, nor from the drive thru employees standing there not doing anything. This is the worst location to go to, they even had signs up at one point that clearly stated that it was an english speaking zone, yet it was never followed by the employees at this location. The employees are never around and if make you repeat your order 2 or 3 times cause they cant understand someone who speaks english and then still screw up your order, but blame you and say this is what you ordered when it's clearly not. I would be completely disgusted with myself if as a franchise you allow your managers of locations to run in such poor manners and those that are just completely lazy and don't have their employees doing the job they are being paid to do despite what their wage is. Obviously this store should not have a drive thru as they feel like the front counter means nothing, or there should be a clock set at each till upfront where the paying customer walks to starts the timer and then once they have recieved their order are able to turn it off.

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    To whoever is posting terrible shit under my name, do me a favor a fuxk off. I've made 1 complaint and 1 comment. I loved my grandmother very much before she past away and I would never lay a hand on a child. I'm not private messaging anyone either. And just to prove it there are the pictures.


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    Tim Hᴏrton sucks Jan 16, 2020

    These people made me angry that after an argument with my frail grandmother I beat her up.
    Thanks to then I beat her u so bad that she needed stitches and a cast for the arm I broke when I pushed her down the stairs. She is considering pressing charges

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  • 7610222 Jan 21, 2020

    some dudes just don't have a life do they?

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