Tim HortonsI got 2 of the new dulce de leche donuts after trying to get some at 3 different locations

J Jan 10, 2020

I got 2 of the new dream donuts. I have ordered them before, just the other day and this is the third tims I went to to get the Donuts and when I stopped at 108 beauprarie drive in beaconsfield Quebec, both the donuts came without any frosting on top and only had cream in the middle. It's as if you got a Boston cream without any frosting on top of it. I asked about the lack of frosting and the Girl said "its in the donut " I will provide a picture of what I received.. I only accepted them because as I said I have gone to 3 previous tims and I understand they are popular but the employees should know how to make them if they are going to sell them at their location! Ridiculous

Tim Hortons

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