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G Dec 02, 2019

I'm not usually one to speak up and complain about things normally, but I couldn't let this one go. On Sat. November 30th at about 9:45am I went to this location to get breakfast while on break at work. I decided to park and walk in as the drive through was very busy and I only had so much time. After waiting almost 15 minutes to receive my order, I got back to work to discover the most unappetizing looking breakfast sandwich I have ever seen. It looked like it was off an episode of "Nailed It!" and was a huge failure.

It was a sausage and egg on a burnt but soggy and floppy croissant. When opening the wrapped sandwich, I discovered half of the ingredients were not even inside the croissant, but were just lying on top. It was hard to even open it up to put the ingredients in myself because the texture of the croissant and the cheese that was acting as a sloppy glue.

I showed some of my coworkers who go to this Tim Hortons location all the time, and they couldn't believe it but just laughed at how sad it looked.

I was so disappointed and was tempted to just throw it out, but couldn't under the principle that I actually paid for it and was also starving and looking forward to it originally. Upon biting into it, half the sausage fell onto the floor because of the soggy texture. It was horrible and really put a damper into the beginning of my day. I just can't understand how someone building that sandwich thought that was ever acceptable to serve. Disgusting.

breakfast sandwich

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