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Thermasol SteambathTerrible service and products

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I have purchased a Thermasol Steambath. It is a Steam generator designed specifically for acrylic and tile steam rooms. Thermasol tells you that it must be installed in a "steam rated" steamroom which mine was. I actually ordered a Maax brand steam room after speaking with a Thermasol representative because Maax at the time was purchasing Thermosol's steam generators for their acrylic steam room systems. After a few months of use the hot steam from the Thermasol "No Touch" steamhead melted and ruined my very expensive steam room !! The Thermosol product must not be installed in acrylic steam rooms but the will not tell you that or even warn you. After the fact I have learned that other manufacturers will tell you that their steamhead must what is called a diffuser to keep the hot steam away from the acrylic. Thermasol does not make a diffuser nor do they tell you you need one. Now I have a $20k remodeled bathroom with a steam room I cannot use. Thermasol is more concerned with selling more units and will not help you if you have a problem after the sale. I would not ever buy any Thermosol products. There are many high quality competitors that will value you as a customer. Below is a message from Mitchell Altman the companies president. They have no interest in helping people. They will tell you that they have lots of systems out there with no problems. Well mine has a problem! I don't care if when they keep telling me other people don't have problems. Make my expensive system work as it was designed to ! It is very poorly engineered and must not be used in acrylic, period !

Mitchell inherited the reins of the company from his father Murray Altman who inherited from the founder of Thermasol David Altman who passed in 1971. I'm sure David Altman would not be proud of how his grandson treats customer in the business he built. They do not have any integrity in the way they do business.

Stay away from Thermasol for your high end bathroom, gym or spa.


  • Wo
    WoodinVirginia Jun 06, 2009

    Are you kidding? Thermasol makes some of the best products avail;able in this area. You must be a DIY who didn't read the Directions. If the product needs a diffuser ; it needs a diffuser. Perhaps you should have contacted
    MAAX for their own Steam generator product instead of sticking a Pro model product into and another Pro Model product designed for a different steam generator. If you don't know what you are doing then EXPECT to have problems. Yours is the case where you would have down better to contact a Plumber or a Design consultant before you MIXED two products designed for two different applications. Why didn't you use the MAAX rated product? Big Dummy...

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  • St
    StupFD May 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have read your post on several websites and I think the problem is you, not Thermasol. If anything, you should be bad mouthing the Acrylic Shower manufacturer. If they rate it as suitable for a steam room and it fails, it is their problem, not Thermasol. I think you have spent too much time in the heat!

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  • Me
    me2ow Aug 15, 2010

    Thermasol tries, but quite frankly they just dont cut it when it comes to service, thats why I did not want to work for them any more, there service department sucked, they eventually got rid of the service manager who would openly talk about how dumb there plumber customers were, but Mitch himself, althought he can be kind if he knows he can get something out of you, really is a jerk.

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  • Vi
    Vinod Ranka Nov 14, 2010

    Please give us the contact number for the distributor of thermasol steam bath in India.

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  • Hu
    HUDAHEN Jan 10, 2014

    The No-Touch Steamhead will not stay adhered to SS wall panel. I tried sandblasting the inner surface, but it still will not stay put. I think it is a major design flaw... the flange should be much larger to have more surface area for adhesion and the silicone they supply is probably not the best for the job. Can anybody help??
    I tried to upload pictures, but it did not work on this site

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  • St
    SteamDude Jan 16, 2014

    As an expert on steam rooms, I must say that ThermaSol has made changes recently in their customer service policies that put a much greater onus on the customer in the event they need to return a product for repair or replacement. In addition, they have "Mercedes pricing", but are no better (and probably worse), that other top brands like Steamist, Mr. Steam, Amerec, and Roma.

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  • Ch
    Chris in Massachusetts May 28, 2014

    Approximately 12 years after installation, but after very little use (maybe 20 times max), our Thermasol steam shower failed. It would come on by itself, filling the master bath with steam, setting off the fire alarm ( thank goodness). After pulling the circuit breaker for it, and then giving it another chance, the same thing happened. I was able to disconnect the control box outside the shower (it connects like a phone jack). I thought I could just get send the control back and ask for a replacement, but Thermasol said they couldn't do that, they don't want to be liable if it's not that, and offered no help whatsoever.I can't access the steam unit itself. The builder closed it in, but it would seem to be a control problem (no leaks, works fine when it is on). I guess we'll have to go down 2 floors and turn on the circuit breaker any time we want to use it. Very unhelpful at Thermasol customer service.
    Chris in Massachusetts

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  • St
    StupFD Jun 21, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Again Chris, you are an example of a customer who is blaming a company for something that is not their fault. The install instructions with the unit note that is must be fully accessible for repair purposes. If your builder/contractor was a stupid ###nut and closed it in and you allowed it to happen, that is your problem. Thermasol is trying to provide proper customer service by checking both parts of the system. It is very possible that the steam generator may be faulty and caused damage to the control unit. If they send you a new one and it gets smoked, you'd be pissed off again and on here whining once again.

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  • Da
    David Thomson Sep 17, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I bought a Thermosol AF Steam generator just over 2 years ago, professionally installed and thankfully it was installed for easy removal, as just over 2 years after installation it failed - just 2 months past the "in home" 2 year repair warranty. The service rep said it needed to be returned to Texas at my expense, about $80 each direction, plus an $80 "cleaning fee". Very disappointing for a $2500 unit that fails after just two years and despite the warranty is going to cost me a lot of money for a clearly defective product.

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  • Jr
    Jroger04 Oct 02, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a Thermasol for about 8 years. It works well, but has needed repair 4 times so far. It has a lifetime warranty, but I have to have it removed and shipped back to the manufacturer for repair and them reinstalled at my expense. Plus, they ask for an $80 cleaning fee each time it is returned. Last time I had it repaired it only lasted a few months, before it failed again. Dont be fooled by the lifetime warranty, it is very expensive to keep these things working. The repair itself may be covered, but the shipping, cleaning fee, and installation will total a few hundred dollars each time. If they really stood behind their products, they would cover the shipping cost and completely refurbish or replace failed units at their expense. I really wish they could fix the flaws so that their products wouldn't fail so often.

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  • Je
    Jeff Fearn Apr 05, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a new thermosol unit put in my new house. It has the high end pro series generator.
    The system started to shut down automatically and show low water warning. I followed the protocal taking apart the intake line and flushing the system but the problem still exists.
    I contacted them online and was notified in order to fix it ( 3 years old) I would have to send it down to them in the states to check it out. The cost to me would be over $230.00 canadian dollars.
    I asked him if there was someone to service the unit in Calgary I could call. He said there was no one in the city to service the unit.
    Are you kidding me this thing was very expensive...and no one can service it.
    Horrible customer service

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  • Ja
    JasonVal May 08, 2016

    Robert Lewis,

    This ticket has been opened since April 11th. I calibrated and responded to this ticket immediately, I also sent 2 videos within this ticket showing steam pressure. The last response I received was on April 25th, you were going call me the following day. I have not received a call yet.

    Here is a little history:

    1st unit worked fine for one month, great power, great response. It was working great until the unit stopped working. From the screen pad, you diagnosed the problem either being that the keypad was faulty or the steam unit was bad. So you replaced both. Iovino Tub and Spa replaced it.

    2nd unit would not stop running water, even when unit was turned off. Power and strength was perfect, just had a constant run of water when turned off. The amount of water that passed through the unit was about the amount that could go through a normal drinking straw. Again, this water leak was constant when unit was off. Iovino Tub and Spa came again. Was going to repair it, could not repair it so you sent another new unit.

    3rd unit, I have currently. Not much steam is being produced. I was told to recalibrate it, I did immediately. Made no difference to the unit. It sounds softer than the other two units and produces less steam than my shower head. Now I have to write a lengthy email on Friday night explaining my problems with this 3rd unit for the forth time.

    I have lived in Pittsburgh all my life, buy American made and imported products. I manufacture leaf springs made in the USA and have worked on trucks all my life. I also have a horse farm and consider myself fairly handy and logical if problems arise. One of my biggest faults is probably not returning items I never use or have problems with, which is very rare.

    Being the third unit and still having problems, I would have expected this to be rectified fairly quickly if not immediately. I've taken steam showers for the past ten years with other units on a daily basis, this one does not cut the mustard. I need to know what ThermaSol is going to do next.


    Above is the last letter I wrote to TermoSol. No response yet, it is now May 8th. Worst product ever, buy a Mr. Steam. Better, cheaper and more reliable. That's what I had in my previous home.

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  • Ba
    BA1 Aug 15, 2016

    I purchased a new Thermasol unit, I wanted to buy american and the best. Unfortunately I had to return the unit, it did not work from the box and now the Micro Touch controller has failed within six months. Both were known engineering issues. I would stay away from Thermasol.

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  • Jo
    Josh SM Nov 14, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Thermasol unit has broken twice in two years and both times the customer service was a nightmare. It has cost me over $1000 to have a plumber remove/ship/reinstall this thing. The last time it was a tiny $10 part that broke and the super rude supervisor refused to budge and still insisted I spend another $200 for roundtrip shipping rather than send me the part. They also way overcharge on shipping. Horrible horrible company and products.

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  • Po
    Polo1420 Dec 02, 2016

    Like the last person to comment here, I brought my steam unit a little over 2 years ago while having our basement finished. I wanted a steam shower and brought the unit to be installed as shower was being built. Fast forward a little over 2 years, I have used my steam shower all of 4 or 5 times, when it quit right in the middle of steam shower. Thinking the breaker had tripped or something like that, I set about trying to troubleshoot after the shower. I called their customer support when all the basics checked out and they told me I needed to have the unit removed, pay for shipping to them, they would fix the heating element...but I had to pay for a cleaning and advance pay for the shipping back to me...then rushed to can I have your credit card information sir. Looking at $300 for the repair and likely $500+ in plumbing costs, no to mention all the aggravation, I decided that paying on average over $150 per steam shower that I'll just stick to regular hot water in future. So, in short, $2, 500+ wasted on a steam shower I will never get to use. All I can say is buyer beware...I'll never buy another Thermasol item for the rest of my life and will be sure to tell anyone that will listen to look elsewhere. I don't know if there are better vendors out there, but if this is really the best they can do then I don't want any part of it!!!

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  • Li
    LisaKay27 May 04, 2017

    We have been in our home 48 days and the Thermasol shower has worked correctly ZERO days. The first unit worked but leaked water constantly in the drain and in the wall which ruined the basement drywall. The second unit which took almost three weeks to get, broke on the first use. The technician left at 7 am and the unit was dead by 7pm. We bought Thermasol as we were told it was the most reliable. If this is the most reliable do not get any steam unit!

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  • Mi
    Michael and Lisa Jun 04, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear ThermaSol: We bought your steam unit, with Bluetooth and lights. About 6 months ago, after the unit had been installed for less than a year, the steam completely broke.

    We contacted you and did everything you asked in effort to troubleshoot the unit, including several trips to the attic where it is installed, none of which fixed the unit.

    We've communicated with you and we've done everything you asked. Nothing worked. The unit is still broken.

    Next you sent a technician to our house to replace a part you surmised "might" have been broken. Considering you made this determination from an office after never looking at the unit, the result didn't surprise us. That new part replacement also didn't work. The technician said he was surprised you didn't just replace the unit right away. However after replacing the part, it still didn't work and he told us the unit is defective and should be replaced. We told you this in an email right away. Laura Andrews, your employee, then replied 10 days later telling us her manager will need to look into this further. Really? Your chosen technician said it needs to be replaced. This has dragged out for over half a year now. It's easy.. the unit needs to be replaced. #dotherightthing #thermasol that this has gone on so long, we've since learned you generally replace these broken units using refurbished units. We wouldn't have known this had this not been such a lengthy process, but we find this unacceptable. We want it replaced with a new unit and we'd like all this lapsed time back on our warranty.

    We've had no steam from our less than 2 year old steam unit for over 6 months. This is a unit that cost us several thousand dollars, and it's now worthless. We've been more than patient and cooperative.

    Your customer service is horrible. At this point, I'm not sure your product is any better. Anyone considering this product should know this. Contact me for case#

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  • Jd
    JDT123xyz Mar 04, 2019

    Thermasol is a DISASTER. My unit states that it has a lifetime warranty. When I called to tell them that the controller is going bad, they stated that "accessories" only have a 5 year warranty. I asked how a controller that turns the unit on and off could be an "accessory"? They didn't have an answer.
    I then pointed out that I moved into my new house in October of 2014 so the unit must still be in within the 5 year warranty period. They responded that no, it was purchased in March of 2013 so it was out of warranty. I hadn't even started building my house in March 2013.
    My guess is that when they release the units from the main manufacturing facility to their suppliers, they start the 5 year period. I asked who the customer was that bought the product in 2013 and the tech stated the vendor. It's like a car manufacturer starting the warranty on your car when they release it to a dealer...crazy!!!
    These guys are awful... I'd NEVER buy from them again.

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