The Sherwin-Williams Companyconcrete stain purchase/return attempt

Mh Oct 03, 2019

This past Saturday (September 28), around 10 am I attempted to return a concrete stain that I had purchased a week prior from the same store. It ended up not being the right product for what I needed, as I was given some misinformation from the store clerk, so I thought a return would be possible in this case, especially since it was unused. I asked the gentlemen who was working that morning if I could return it for that reason. He seemed in disbelief that I would ask such a thing and explained in an exasperated manner that no, I could not. I told him that just FYI Lowe's would take such a return. He replied, and I quote, "Well let Lowe's take it back then." When I had explained that I had been given some misinformation about the product and what I needed for the space, he indicated that that could not be true. He then asked me how many coats of the stain I had used. As I mentioned, the container was unopened and in my opinion, it is really easy to tell if a can of paint/stain has been opened or not. I told him it was unopened as I could not use it. He then recommended that I come back to talk with the store clerk who had originally helped me. I told him that I live an hour away from the store and that wouldn't be super convenient for me. In all, I felt that this gentlemen was rude, accusatory, and unhelpful. I know that Sherwin Williams strives to ensure customer satisfaction, and his demeanor and unhelpful attitude were quite the opposite. I have recently purchased a new home, so any extra expense is significant. I have a product that is unused that I can't use, and wasted money. Thanks so much for hearing my complaint.

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