The Salvation Army USAa blessing of a needed clothing item turned bad

K Nov 14, 2019

My son got a job at a ski resort in Big Bear, CA teaching children to ski. He was told to get a pair of black ski pants. My son is 6' 4" tall and VERY thin. Finding clothes in his size is often a very difficult, and can end up being expensive. I was SO thrilled that I found a pair of black ski pants in his size at your store in Temecula! The item didn't have a tag, so I gathered similar items, including one with the same brand name and asked the manager to price it so I could buy them. I was told they would be sent back in a bundle to a facility to be re-tagged. She took the pants from me and placed them on her cart. I told her the need I had for this item and she suggested that I go to big five. She said she would be written up if they priced the item for me and told me there were cameras everywhere to monitor all activity in the store. I was SO disappointed and felt completely demoralized. The grand finale to this was to have another male shopper walk past me and tell me that having to listen to me complain to several employees in the store was RUDE. I have shopped in this store for the last 3 years. I will NEVER go back. Corporate management, your solution to strip the people from your stores from making ANY decisions in these situations has succeeded in creating a new problem.

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