The Goddard School / Goddard Systemsemployment

L Jul 11, 2019

Staff is rude. They let babies cry in the crib room if they don't like them. Always yell. I worked there from 2011-2013 and in 2013 they cut my hours down to 4 hours a week cause I got sick with a rash, fever, and strep. I only called out that one time for a few days under doctors orders. When I got back they made me train a girl for a week then told me that they'll never know when I'll be sick again so they cut my hours. Flash forwards to a few weeks ago. The teacher from my old room offered me my job back because she became director and there's new owners. I said yes and then they let me go after a week saying I wasn't dedicated, reliable, and they found someone prettier. I even messaged the owner and she said she stands by her decision. The teachers there look like they just rolled out of bed except for like 2-3 of them. One lady is so mean to the kids. They all let the children run around and do what they want. They still lock babies in the crib room and let them cry. Worst place ever to work for or have your children at

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