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S Jan 06, 2020

I walked into the McKinney store #1066 to make sm purchases, I inquired about a boot in my size. The saleslady, Jennifer, was at the register and informed me that she didnt hv my size 8 but could order the boot without even checking. I asked her to ck to see if another store had it in stock. She informed me that Lewisville had the boot but she could order it; I explained to her I wasnt sure about ordering and she assured me that she was confident that if I ordered that day, day before New Years she would hv my boot in her store the following Monday. She said they would contact me once it came in.
I contacted the store on Mon evening to inquire if my order had arrived and was told no but a truck was coming the following day on Tues. I followed up Tues to learn that it didnt come in. I expressed to Jennifer had I known the boot wasnt coming in I couldve went to pu the boot from the Lewisville store. She told me that she would call me the minute she recieved the boot. She later phoned bk to say she learned the shipment wasnt cmg in that Tues and it would be the following Mon. I asked her for a refund and she informed me to call customer service as she doubt they would issue a refund since the order had shipped. I asked her to call since she was the one who said the order wouldve arrived sooner and I was driving. She called me back to tell me that they wouldnt issue a refund but when the shoe came in I would hv to cm bk to the store to request the refund.
I had to drive to The Colony that evening and remembered there was a store there. I decided to stop in to see if they carried the boot and was told they did not. They dont get the same merchandise at all stores. I phoned Lewisville store #898 and spoke with Shelly who said she had a 8 but in wide width; she said she was going to ck to see if it was the same boot based on my description as I didnt hv the reciept handy to provide her with the item #. She informed me she would call back as she had a cpl customers. She phoned back to say she had the 8W, I inquired if it was the same boot. at this time I had the receipt and provided the item#. I was within a cpl miles from the store since I had decided to drive on over while waiting her call back. Upon arrival and me giving her my receipt she determined it was a total different boot that she had; she also informed me that McKinney had ordered a size 8 wide. I expressed I was very specific w my size and did not order a size 8 wide but a size 8. She later determined that McKinney, as well as The Colony; per her system both had the boot in a size 8. I asked her to call the store to make sure and this time ask for a store mgr. She did. Jennifer answered the ph and she was reluctant to put the store mgr on the ph. Lesia Hancock, the store mgr finally cm to the ph and shortly after passed the ph bk to Jennifer. Shelly, asked again to speak back with the store mgr Lesia and learned that they did indeed hv the size 8 in the store; so she asked her per my request to hold until I could drive bk to McKinney to pu. Jennifer met me half way in the store as I walked in to hand me the box of shoes and to say they did me a favor and just gv me the shoe rather than me hvg to pay for it a 2nd time. I am very unhappy with the awful service and the total waiste of my time. I drove around to 2 other stores, miles away from my hm in McKinney just to learn the McKinney store had the boot all alone. I was told they get a big incentitive for orders. I phoned customer complaints and left a vm msg but noone has returned my call to-date. I can be contacted at [protected] or [protected] and would like a response to this complaint!

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