[Resolved] The Brickrefund and unethical behavior

B Sep 08, 2019 Review updated:

I purchased my bed on August 20, 2019.
The invoice number is: 082092V8677. I paid $1, 118.82.
My bed was delivered on September 1, 2019

Within 3 days, I realized the bed is not right for me, and I let your staff know right away that I cannot sleep on this bed at all anymore. I have a disability, and this bed is not helping, but rather is making a negative impact to my injuries. It is extremely uncomfortable, and I am having sleepless nights.

When I called your store after just a few days, your customer service and the store manager call me back several times, all giving me different information regarding exchange/return/warranty. Further, the staff and store manager are rude to me, and this is unacceptable.

I am requesting a full refund. I do not want to deal with the Vancouver staff any more, as they have been rude and insulting to me since I complained the bed is not working for me. For example, during one particular phone call, the staff member told me it's unnecessary for me to call the store, and "if I was smart like other people, I would use my smartphone and find the warranty information." I was very upset after this call, and I cannot tolerate their bullying behavior.

I will be happy to pay the drivers to pick up this bed, as I am completely dissatisfied with the bed and my experience at The Brick. I just want my money back, and be done with it. I will be seeing my doctor this week, who has agreed to provide me with a letter of support on this matter regarding my disability if you need a copy.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange for my refund.

  • Updated by Brenda Wang · Sep 08, 2019

    Gosh, are you a Brick employee? I was not "annoying" I was simply trying to have my purchase issue resolved. It's a normal, every day occurrence. I only came on to try and have my issue resolved, not to argue with a random stranger. I'm kindly requesting you please leave me alone. Thanks.

  • Updated by Brenda Wang · Sep 08, 2019

    Why are you doing this under a fake name? You must be sick. I'm reporting this to the admin and police if necessary. Screenshot taken. I thought this was a safe place to voice concerns.

  • Updated by Brenda Wang · Sep 08, 2019

    Fantastic news! The Brick just called, and they will give me a full refund! :)

  • Resolution Statement

    After sending the store another email outlining exactly what the problem was, and how I wished it to be resolved, The Brick management agreed to give me a full refund. If you have a valid complaint while it's a headache, don't give up. Sometimes things do work out :)

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