The Brickmanager yelling at his associates

S Oct 07, 2019

I was at your location at hwy 7 and airport rd in brampton on on Sunday morning at approximately 1045 am.
There was a group of associates huddled in an area and what I assumed was a manager speaking with them. As I was shopping around this manager started yelling at one of the associates and was telling that person that if you do it again I'm sending you home. I couldn't believe my ears, this is how a manager speaks to his employees and worst if all on the sales floor for everyone to hear! Who ever this man was he shouldn't be speaking to anyone in this manner AT ALL!
I have been a retail manager for over 20 years and would never speak to anyone in this manner ever and not on the sales floor. I was disgusted with what I heard that I left the store and went across the parking lot to sleep County and spent my money there.
If this guy doesn't know how to manage his people then maybe he shouldn't be doing this job. I was extremely disgusted by what I heard and will never be back to that store ever again.

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