Thames GasPoor Service


After realising that I need to replace a part on my very old boiler and that the parts have ceased manufacture a good few years ago that I would not be able to replace the part but instead would likely need to replace the entire boiler, I called Thames Gas to get a quote. The engineer, David, came over and checked the boiler and had a long discussion about my options and then told me how much it will cost to replace the boiler all inclusive. I then booked the job and the price was confirmed and I was told the engineer would come first thing on Monday morning to check that he has all the parts that he needs and will start the work on Tuesday. By midday on Monday there was still no sign of the engineer so I called him, he said he had forgotten and thanked me for reminding him and that he would be over in an hour, when he came he said he thought he'd mention that the price he quoted doesn't actually include VAT and that it is going to cost me an extra £450 odd pounds! What the hell?! I couldn't believe the audacity! Any way I rang Thames Gas back to complain as I thought this was appauling service and so unprofessional especially after Thames Gas had confirmed the total price less than 72 hours earlier. Their response was that the engineer has the right to change the quote. Well yes, I agree maybe they do have the right to do so in exceptional circumstances, but not when they have approved a price and the job is due to start the next day and when there is absolutely no apparent reason for the quote to change/increase. If in the first instance it did NOT include VAT, then why was this never mentioned - until now, the day before the job is due to start?? So I have cancelled the job and will NEVER use or recommend Thames Gas in the future, in my opinion, their service is unprofessional.

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