TGI Fridaysservice

On Sunday, October 6th me and my family visited the Friday's after church. We sat in the bar area to be able to watch the football games. As we sat down at the table the waitress walked by without a greeting at all so I assumed she wasn't our waitress. She walked by two more times without saying anything so I stopped her to order drinks for 3 kids and a beer and wine. The kids drink cane out after there food was almost gone and they ordered lemonade which tasted like water and ask if she could get more she said it was no more with the most nastiest attitude I felt like walking out and going to another restaurant but I didn't. She never followed up with us to see if we were okay. She was given attitude to the table next to mine. She was in the restroom talking to another employee saying that [censored] (me) talking to the manager about me and I was totally shocked that she said that. Her service was terrible that I would not return to that location

Oct 08, 2019

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