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Telemundo review: Aviatours passion for excellence

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I hope this message finds you well. My church, United Revival Mennonite, received travel services from Avaitours Passion For Excellence and is now experiencing fraud. This business provided travel services to me, Magali Sánchez, as well as many others, for the purpose of traveling to Israel. Unfortunately, due to the economic crisis, the business has decided to cancel the trip and only provide a partial refund. My belief is that this business is scamming individuals and I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter. I have many other individuals who are experiencing this issue as well. The Aviatours Passion For Excellence has provided misleading information to their clients and is committing fraud. Please let me know if you require further information, I look forward to a favorable response!

*I will be attaching the letter my husband received as well as part of the payment my husband provided.

Best regards,

Magali Sanchez



Preferred Language: Spanish

Claimed loss: In total w my husband and I, we have lost $6,958. Other individuals have lost $3,979.

Desired outcome: I would like the full refund that pertains to my husband and I.

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