Target Brandshuman resources irresponsible attitude

S Sep 27, 2019

I was there for the interview in HR expert position. Then I went to office and a guy started to interview like starting tell me about yourself. I told him my purposes in HR field. Then he was surprised and he asked me that are you interested in HR position. I said yes, and I told him you should have seen my application title. Then he asked for a second to call his HR manager and she said that the position for HR has already filled. He said that he was sorry about that. I told him that you should have let me know about situation. I prepared to get the interview in last 10 days, and I set my time accordingly. I think this is very irresponsible attitude to the candidate. They just said we are sorry about that. It is not enough to tolerate this situation. If they had any respect to people's time or effort, at least they would have an interview with me and they wouldn't send me back. I decided not to go for shopping at target anymore. Because it shows how much they value and respect the others. I gave them ZERO!!!

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