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Hello everyone, I just wanted to advise everyone to stay away from Talk Fusion. The business is very shady, and Bob Reina wouldn't know what professionalism is if it hit him in the face. See below email correspondence when one of my team members was having problems, and how he reacted to it. I arranged it in Chronological order for easier viewing.

I asked him a very simple question, and he immedietly jumps and plays the blame game and firing insults:

From Matt Burns
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 12:40 To: [protected]; [protected]
Subject: David B[/font]

Good evening,

I received a call from one of my team members, David B. He had a couple of concerns:
A new program called mixpo, that is similar to Talk Fusion, but only has a monthly fee and no initial cost. Have you heard of this, and if so how do you sale TF over it?

He also was having problems with his contact list, and someone in support named Bob was rude with him (I read the emails). This is disappointing, and makes me very hesitant about bringing on new associates. Is this Bob Reina?

Any input on either issue would be appreciated.

Matt Burns

[protected] wrote:

Matt, This email is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of a concern that I have and yes, it is the Bob that owns the company.
If you are selling a product, isn’t it your responsibility to learn the product you are selling and how to position it if you are showing its value over a potential competitor? The last time I checked I am paying you a commission for selling our product, right? So, instead of labeling something a “concern”, you should be able to look at Mixpo’s web site and notice the MAJOR differences right away.
As a quick example, where on their web site does it talk about their ability to deliver their emails? If they are not whitelisted like Talk Fusion, then their deliverability rate will be approx. 55% which means over half of their email may be rejected and not reach the inbox.
I guess I missed their templates that surround the video. I guess that do not have the hundreds of professionally designed templates that Talk Fusion offers; both personally and for business. I also guess that I missed the ability for them to design a Custom template for their business as well.
Also, I do not see their ability to stream in Windows Media which is by far the most popular streaming application in the world. It compresses better which means you will not have longer buffering times. But, I guess that is not important, right?

What about the tons of professionally pre- recorded Videos Talk Fusion offers. Perhaps I missed that on their site as well. I could sit here for the next 4 hours and note the MAJOR ADVANTAGES Talk Fusion offers; too bad you cannot but instead, list it as a “concern”. Truthfully, it is a “concern” for me that you are trying to sell a product that you do not know very well despite the fact that the company offers TONS of training including webinars, conference calls, and much much more.
Where on Mixpo’s site do they give you the opportunity to CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Did I miss that one as well?

Now to David’s comments. My comments to him were PERFECTLY JUSTIFIED and he would get the exact same answer if he sent the same email to us again. Simply, David thought he should be given the ability to extract singular emails from a folder. As explained to the filed on multiple occasions, when you have a large contact folder, your computer will time out if you are extracting contacts from a large list. Previously, when you have a folder list of 250, it is not an issue as your computer would handle it; however when the list gets larger than you cannot. To wit, David also thought he should not be charged for individual contacts as he only wanted to send video emails to them on occasions yet he wants us to store his videos, report on them, handle SPAM complaints, and do all of the other services we provide for free. Sorry, not a good business idea.

David was answered in a polite fashion until he began to be disrespectful at which point I got involved. You MUST understand this Matt. Nobody will ever be disrespectful my Customer Service personnel or anybody else at Talk Fusion. It is not acceptable under any circumstance.

What you should have done is be able to answer David’s questions but from your email to us, your product knowledge is extremely weak. Thus, David contacts us with his “Suggestions” which are really poor ideas. What you should be doing is asking David why he was so rude to us? Not sending an ill-based email to Tim and Peggy, who by the way is no longer employed at Talk Fusion.

Tim, I will leave it your hands from here. I would not spend more than 5 minutes on this issue as I already have. You know what to do from here. Matt needs to follow your success or let him do things his way without any time spent from you.

Bob Reina
CEO-Talk Fusion

Matt Burns

Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 6:55 PM

To: [protected]; Tim Kugler

Subject: RE: David B
WOW! You preach, did I say PREACH, It is never too early to bring on new associates. Earn as you learn right???? Guess that doesn't apply here huh?? And no, you do not pay me a commission, This was an investment on my part.

I ask a simple question, and I get this reply? How about "Matt, this is how we are better. Thanks a lot, Bob"
Instead, I get the below message.

Don't worry Bob, I will quit wasting MY TIME reading the JOKE below.

[protected] wrote:

Here is a life lesson for you.
I have a multi-millionaire from this industry.
If I were you, I would close my mouth, swallow my pride and learn from one of the best. If you read the email, the competitive advantages are right in my email.

From Matt Burns
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 7:41 AM
To: [protected]; 'Tim Kugler'
Subject: RE: David B

Thats funny Bob. Thanks for the advice but I usually only ask people I respect for "life lessons. Congrats on being a mult-millionare, you should get a box of cookies. Thank God you are not me!

If that was the case I would feel perplexed to throw blame on everyone around me, and flex my ego everytime someone asks me a question that I don't want to answer.

I read your email, you know what kind of person you are and I don't have time for you!


  • Al
    Alon Shakked May 27, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Interesting review guys, so a one that thinks to join and start from scratch, is it a good opportunity ?

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  • Da
    DaytonaGuy Sep 22, 2013

    Bob Reina has been contacted by me multiple times over the past two years, asking when they would finally have their webinar system fixed, like they have repeatedly said it would be, where someone can show Powerpoint presentations and PDF file.
    Each response has been rude.

    Last week, I'd had it with the latest in the rude responses.. and you can see for yourself:

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  • Ja
    Jackhemsworth Jul 22, 2013

    I flew down to this Dog & Pony Show in 2011, bought into the whole tearful dog story and the non profit they support...bottom line having just finished my degree in digital content technologies, I thought this is the evolution of what I have been doing in my Masters I started asking questions about the national accounts they were using in Talk Fusion marketing, no one knew who or how they got these supposed national accounts, then as the videos I was creating in a non linear video editor were not playing correctly it wasn't there problem...then as I was marketing to companies in Florida there was no creditable support from Talk Fusion..they only wanted to repeat their mantra "Sell the multi level opportunity rather than conventional approaches to other legitimate corporations...I was done when I realized this was a Ponzi scheme like all the other MLM scams.

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  • Th
    TheMoneyMakeOver Aug 23, 2012

    I wonder how much money "Edward" would have made by now? You can't let one person's ignorance redirect your financial future, as an owner of a small business I can understand the frustrations. You can only lead people to the information, it's up to them to learn and implement it. As for looking at other options for this service, you always get what you pay for! No different for other marketing products and services.

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  • Ge
    genegem Aug 27, 2011

    Excellent review. Most network marketing schemes are best avoided to preserve your sanity.

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  • Ar
    artis91 Jul 21, 2011

    Nice review, im working with talk fusion for like 3 month. This business is growing extremaly fast. More and more people are intresting about video email. So in my opinion Talk fusion is real future business. Im making some decent money with talk fusion, you can check my personal Talk fusion web - ;)
    If you have any questions about this business contact me in skype - artis91 :)

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  • Lo
    LodiRandy Jun 26, 2011

    Interesting how views are SO diverse. I'm not a TF rep or user. I currently subscribe to another company's service as well as use one of those free sites as well. There is a HUGE difference in several aspects between the one I pay for and the one that's free. The quality in the videos are very different. The one I pay for is far superior. The one that's free brands themselves and has ads for their company on the videos I send out which can be distracting as well as taking away from what I'm doing, which is branding ME.

    As far the the issue of "no competitors" all that refers to is saying "we are the best and have no competition". Not that there is no other company that has a similar product or service. Haven't you ever heard an athlete say "they have no competition"? Really? Then who would they be competing against in their respective sport? It's just a saying people!

    As for how the CEO of that company conversed through email with the person above. who here has any proof that even happened the way he has written? Have you ever heard anyone give their opinion of what "really happened" only to find out that they left out the parts of the story of how they started the trouble or all they details of their involvement? I'm not saying things didn't happen the way he has described. But I also can't condemn a company just because of what one angry person has described happen in their opinion. Just sayin.

    Is a BMW worth twice as much as a Ford Fusion? I'd say it is if you can afford it and you enjoy driving it twice as much. They're both just means of transportation right? NO! One is a car, and the other is the "Ultimate Driving Experience". BIG difference. With the BMW you "feel" more important about the vehicle and your purchase of it.
    With those free video email services, there is no "feeling" involved. With the ones you pay for you join their Co and you "feel" something about the product. Again, BIG difference.

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  • Su
    Susiekkc Jun 20, 2011

    Am I reading this right that it costs $750 to join this opportunity? If this company is saying there is no competition in the market place they are 100% wrong then. There are other companies doing the same thing. I would never allow myself to be talked with like this man did above in the email chain. I would not allow that from someone on the street let alone a supposed head of a company I was a part of. How crazy.

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  • Ja
    Jay_CR May 24, 2011

    Talk Fusion Changed my life for the better. Be apart of the growing future follow this link and get back 2 me if your interested.

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  • Jl
    jleahanne May 13, 2011

    Here are my thouhgts, I am glad i checked out the consumer reviews before proceeding with my purchsae. I believe the video stated there WAS NOT ANY competition in this market. So i will be doing my homework before spending 750.00



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  • Da
    dadinator2006 Mar 16, 2011

    wow... I have never seen so much varying opinion about a company.

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  • Th
    ThomasReilly Feb 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bob's a freaking [censor] Talk Fusion is terrible(Negative)

    Also they will RAISE your RATES at their discretion.

    Because international, federal, state, and local laws, as well as the business environment, periodically change, Talk Fusion reserves the right to amend the Agreement and its prices in its sole and absolute discretion. By accepting the terms of the Associate Agreement, an Associate agrees to abide by all amendments or modifications that Talk Fusion elects to make. Amendments shall be effective upon notice to all Associates that the Agreement has been modified.

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  • Aaron Dec 22, 2010

    The $10/mo option with Comf5 doesn't allow you to make any money... that would cost you $100/mo! Talk Fusion is only $20 for a better product in my opinion and an amazing income opportunity!

    Every time I have called the Talk Fusion support phone number they have always answered within a few rings and are very helpfull with all of my questions.

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  • Ja
    jasnew Nov 21, 2010

    Why not try comf 5 no upfront costs. Lower monthy fees and they have more features. You can be a user or a distributor. Less than 10.00 per month.

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  • Tr
    Truth Seeker07 Nov 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yawn. whuut whut happened? lOL!!

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  • Sp
    SPONSITY Nov 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, I'm a Talk Fusion Representative too - and am using it to raise funds for my not-for-profit. Clashes of personality happen in life and if you are an over-sensitive person; hold a grudge; not capable of reading between the lines - or are someone who reads too much between the lines - you'll find fault with everything and everyone. As for me - not an overly techie person finding a tool that is absolutely fabulous and not too concerned if Bob is a nice guy or not (I know he loves animals and that for me is an instant bond). But I have found my niche with this product. I LOVE IT!!! So voila - had my say - and if you want to contribute to a cause teaching the foundation of universal human values to children - click on the link above and when we connect will explain what SPONSITY all about - Meanwhile, I am a combination of nice and tough, have felt the full-range of human emotions internally and coming at me from the exterior - but stay on track and don't do to others what I wouldn't like done to myself :-) Go Talk Fusion ... remember - we're all human - complicated or not!

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  • An
    anger_management Jan 29, 2010

    In over a year as a rep with TF, I can say for certain that the above email is EXACTLY how Bob talks to people. He expects them to understand things just like him and too bad if you don't. He regularly treats people like sh!t and expects to be worshipped.

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  • Ta
    TalkFusionRepresentative Jun 22, 2009

    I find it interesting that "Edward" just became a member of compaints board and is posting a fictitious article from over a year ago. Could you not find anything more recent? This is a typed article, not actual email verification. I personally hear Bob Reina interact with other Talk Fusion Reps each week, and this email would not have come from him. It is really a shame when you see people slander others just for some sort of game. I am thankful for Free Speech, but unfortunately it allows people to post whatever they want whether true or not.

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