Taco Cabanahorrible customer service

D Oct 10, 2019

I stopped by this morning 10/10/2019 to get two boxes of breakfast tacos for my office. I asked for the way Taco Cabana makes them. Nothing extra. I was told I could no longer order at the drive through. I needed to go inside. There were several issues:
1. Staff sloppy and cold . Absolutely no recognition of common courtesy.
2. 25 minute wait for order because everyone taking care of drive through customers
3. I was told I could have done the order at the drive through!!
4. It was absolutely filthy inside and this is a new facility. Countertops and tables had food all over them. A lady was swishing a wet mop around dragging dirt with it.
5. When I finally received my order there was no salsa or anything to go on the tacos so I asked for it.
6. The staff member was obviously annoyed that she was bothered from doing nothing and began to huff and slop salsa into containers. She put it in a bag and handed it to me. The lids were not put on so it leaked in my new car.

Suggest you might spend the extra money to train for customer service, also spring for a manager. The experience was beyond unacceptable.

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