Taco Bellproduct and poor service

Di Oct 11, 2019

I work in the drive thru industry so I understand the challenges often faced by fast food restaurants. This restaurant is very poorly managed especially during the dinner/late night time of day. I just spent 25 minutes waiting on dt line (i could not get out of the line or I would have) when I finally got to the menu I was very rudely informed that they had no beef? how could that be? no nachos, no tacos nothing that would contain beef which is primarily what my family eats. I did not order, continued to wait another 10 minutes so the cars in front of me could get out of dt lane, got to window, asked for managers number, was told she was there. Waited 5 more minutes for her to come to window. Told her about my experience and how possible a note or an employee to stop people from going into dt without knowing they were missing a pretty popular ingredient might be a better way to handle it. I got a very pathetic, sorry, at least i think thats what she mumbled. This isnt the first time my experience at this restaurant has been poor.

It's unfortunate, you have a great product but the delivery of it is why I wont be back

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