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Taco Bell / management at this store

La Feb 23, 2019

I was recently a customer at this taco bell. I was horrified by the behavior of the manager Matt with his employees. I witnessed Matt calling a young women "sped" and allowing the other employees to also call her this name. I have witnessed his disrespect of his employees and in return demanding respect from them. I overheard many complaints about this manager from his employees (I was there in the evenings). The morale in this establishment is terrible and I heard some of the employees are quitting not because of the work but because of the treatment they receive from Matt.
I know it is hard to work with teenagers and especially since this is their first job at 16 years old but this behavior is unacceptable and is a "hostile work environment" and needs to be evaluated and dealt with appropriately for the organization and the well being of the employees
thank you for your time

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