Taco Belltaco supreme, poor quality. sn 033492

P Jul 14, 2019

Time 10:59:42 am. 7:14:2019
I ordered 4 soft shelled taco supremes. And water.
They rang it up at $10+ for 4 $1.99 items and water.
Then when I just stood there it was corrected to $8.+
The Taco's were subpar. All were basically the same.
Fresh lettuce great tomato squares (4). Positive.
The meat paste was leaking red grease. Looked like a chihuahua turd extending half way across the shell tapering down to 3/4 coverage. The sour cream was a squirt on the empty quarter. There was evidence the cheese passed over top of the lettuce, a little dropped on the taco. I open the taco to put the hot sauce on it. I will not file a complaint in the store, the children that prepare the food will get creative and wipe their crotch with my tortilla. Or worse. Earlier, When I complemented the person that had prepared my 4 perfect taco supremes, the person was mature, well adjusted, and surprised to be complemented for doing her job.

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