Taco Bellservice

V Oct 13, 2019

On october 13, 2019 I went to the drive thru for lunch against my better judgment. I have had issues with service at this taco bell before. I thought I would give them another chance. Never again!! The service is awful, the store is dirty. The lady that took my order didn't ask specifics about what I wanted, just assumed. I ordered the nachos lunch special. Once I ordered she didn't confirm order, just told me to drive around. Order was wrong. No straw, no napkins, no receipt. The little girl at the drive thru window was rude and hugging all over a male co-worker. Thought they were going to start making out right there and then. Really? You are at work act accordingly. All the employees there act like they would rather be elsewhere.

I will not ever go to this store again. I will drive the extra 15 minutes to go to a nicer store with better employees who actually care about their jobs.

I know they recently changed management, maybe they shold try again and/or hire kids who are serious about working and who are presentable.

Thank you

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