Taco Belldisgusting filthy conditions

K Oct 03, 2019

I'd like to lodge a MAJOR COMPLAINT against the TB at 1109 Tasman Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. I went there on 10/1/19 at 5:30pm and it was DISGUSTING. Two young men were working (1 as cashier, 1 in food area) and neither looked like they'd bathed or washed their hair in at least a week. And the cashier wore pants sagging halfway down. I realize this is a fashion trend but frankly, I don't want to see their buttcrack while I eat and it's not how you dress in a professional job. I honestly felt the cashier, at some point, was going to put his hands down into his pants and scratch his balls. And the unprofessionalism was terrible. I have no problem if people want to have fun on the job but if there is a line of people waiting for their food for over 30 minutes, that's an issue. When I got to TB initially, there was 3 people in front of me while about 3-4 more were waiting for their food. I ordered, sat down and watched for the next 30 minutes while the cashier (receipt says Edwin A) took orders and then when done, went into the lobby and chatted with his friend between customers. He didn't clean the lobby, help with food prep or anything useful. Again, while at least 7-8 people were waiting for their food. On the one occasion he went to the food prep area, it was not to help prepare the food but to grab the other young man into a headlock and give him a "noogie". And keeping in mind how I said these men didn't seem to wash their hair… All I could imagine was this action meant hair was flying all over the food being prepared. It was DISGUSTING. After done giving him a noogie, the cashier then began stroking his chin hairs - all near the food area. GROSS! He went out again to the cashier area to take more orders and then got on HIS CELL PHONE TEXTING while taking orders at the same time. It was extremely unprofessional. Again, over the 30 MINUTE wait time, the other young man in the food prep area kept giving orders out wrong. The first order he missed giving the customer his bottled water. Not such a big deal but…The next order he gave the customer his full order AND the order for the next person. So, that person had to wait longer for their order to be completely redone. She was also getting impatient and wanted a refund since it was taking so long. She graciously gave them a more time and finally they delivered the order. If I hadn't been so hungry and tired, I would have gotten a refund myself and left. And I probably should have because when I got home, I literally looked over my food very carefully to see if any loose hair ended up in it. It was that bad. And I guess because the management of this location has been so lax, the customers must see it. I found it extremely odd that half the people in the location while I was there looked homeless or needed a bath themselves. One came in PJ's, another holding his beer and quite a few looked like they were living on the streets. This is odd for this location as it is not near a downtown area or location that normally has a large homeless population. I can only guess they see how lax it has become at this TB that they feel it is a place to hang out. Frankly, because this is my neighborhood TB, I'd rather not go into a location full of homeless people as they tend to piss/defecate/vomit outside locations they hang out at. Also, FYI, the last few times I've gone to this location, the self-service machines have all been out of order. I don't know who you have managing this location but it is really bad with who they are hiring. And the lax attitude that is present, I'm afraid more homeless are going to pick this up as a location to hang out. Which is a shame as, again, this is my neighborhood TB and I don't imagine I will be going to this one anytime soon. I regret I didn't just get a refund and left.
1085 Tasman Dr, SPC 904
Sunnyvale CA 94089

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    This complaint form is also really crappy. I put my info in NOT KNOWING it would be broadcast to the world. Hopefully someone is actually reading and resolving these complaints. If so, please delete my personal info from this form!!!

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    And immediately after filling out form, it says problem resolved. What a waste of [censored]ing time!

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