Susan Purdon-Sullymagistrate

A Review updated:

This woman is an embarrassment to the Australian judiciary. The evil sect LDS centred in Utah is heralding her appointment.
she is a leader in the cult movement and is still acting as a magistrate . The movement to rid Australia of the person is gathering momentum.


  • Jo
    Joel Jan 02, 2009

    The Mormon Church is not a cult…unless you would categorize Catholicism, Judaism, Protestantism, and any other mainstream religion as a cult. Check your facts before you start ranting nonsensically. An evil cult? The Mormon Church donated AUD200, 000 to the victims of the devastating Cyclone Larry, which hit Australia’s northeastern coast in the state of Queensland. This donation brought the Church’s total for humanitarian aid given in Australia over the last 10 years to over AUD4.2 million. And that is JUST humanitarian aid to Australia. Sounds real evil to me. You are so full of BS. There is no "gathering momentum" to displace her other than the momentum in your own head. She's a fantastic attorney who has an incredible, successful, and long career ahead of her. Go annoy someone else.

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  • Mo
    Mortimor George Jun 01, 2010

    ignorant [censor]s like you are the worry. The woman is a briliant lawyer, mind like a steel trap and unlike some of the recent appointees to the FMC is competent, compassionate, sensible, focused, fearless etc etc. When you speak of an alleged "gathering momentum" perhaps you are referring to the wishful thinking of redneck blowhards like yourself - say, you don't belong to that illegal cult name of KKK do ya... put your fitted sheet over your head and take a nap

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  • El
    Elena_G Nov 15, 2010

    Listen buddy just because her verdict didn't go your way doesn't mean you can start ranting about her religion (which is a completely legitimate Christian religion that donates million in aide every year) which as we know has absolutely nothing to do with how one performs their job. This woman is a brilliant lawyer and even more rare than that is an ethical and compassionate one as well. She always has the best interests of people in mind so stop being a sore loser and take your ignorant, unjustified and non-sensicle ramblings back to the trailor-park where you were undoubtedly spawned. This woman was just doing her job - a very difficult one at that and she doesn't need a**holes like yourself besmirching her excellent reputation online - by the way what kind of coward blogs this online - you're very courageous voicing your complaint via an anonymous avenue. Well done. Spare the world the vacuum that is your thoughts and quit complaining.

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  • An
    Anton2 Nov 20, 2014

    I agree with Anton, this woman is a man hating Trog. She has no compassion or understanding. She says that Parenting is not a right its a privilege. Hello, read the Human Rights lady. She said that I should get legal assistance but I am disabled & Legal Aid wont help as I have a trailer I can sell. I cannot afford legal help. She banned me from my children for 3 months because I wasn't prepared for court as the papers were served 2 days prior. She knows the Barrister lied in saying I was served a week prior & ignored it. She knew the mother lied repeatedly & ignored it. She claims I used domestic violence when I have no dvo's. She knows I was the primary carer & she took the children off me. She knows the children hate living with mother & boyfriend & wish to return to me. Even knowing of the repeated lies told by mother she has ignored completely everything I stated on oath.
    So don't tell me she is great, she is just another member of the feminist movement who has taken control of the family court.

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  • An
    Angry as Sep 28, 2018

    @Anton2 Agree

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  • Da
    David ewartson Sep 09, 2015

    She needs to step down and contemplate on the bias, derogative terminology she utilizes in court. As a society we expect our professional to separate church and state, as well as to look beyond perceived gender types that do not fit within her personal perceptions. She is a servant of the people and not above the law or the human rights act..

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  • Ke
    KED1 Oct 08, 2015

    Yes I agree. She takes the guilty until proven innocent view on men which was my experience. However the most abysmal thing I saw was not even in my case but in the case of a clinically blind man trying to get access to his child. In spite the mother having a car the man was forced to use public transport to go across Brisbane to a meeting point near to the mother. There was no empathy for the fact that the blind man had to navigate through multiple modes of public transport to be with his child for a matter of hours in a public space. In my case I was ostracized and forced to see my kids in a contact center based on false allegations sustained over an 18 month period by my ex. Once the ex got everything the house, furniture car etc and I was left with a massive debt and no rights on the kids education and health. only when I handed over the keys did the ex come back to me after the sustained attack and say now the kids can stay overnight with you.
    What a joke.

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  • Fa
    FamilyLawisabadJoke Nov 03, 2015

    Purdon-Sully exists because of a wider problem in this country. Men are demonized and ostracized from children by default, with false allegations by vindictive exes who are empowered to do so. The system is designed to bleed men of their finances so that they loose the capability to mount a defense. In my case my ex is a lawyer and has a psych degree. So I was in trouble before I even entered court. Purdon-Sully swallowed all the 100's of affidavit pages of my ex and ignored my material. It took 18 months before I had the children for overnight stays and this only occurred after I handed everything I had worked for 18 years to the ex.
    This in the mind of Purdon-Sully constituted a fair an equitable settlement. Alienation of a father and leaving him with $50k debt and put in a situation where he has to board with family. The mother has 100% rights over education, health. She has a house in Clayfield, a 4x4 completely paid off, plus $20k and in spite having twice my earning capacity as a solicitor my ex has opted to live off my pocket via CSA, Centrelink payment and my childrens Autism funding. My ex gets support from the Commonwealth. Yet even though I now see the kids for 30% of the time I get nothing from the Commonwealth. I just pay and have no say.

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  • Ha
    Harry780gt Nov 26, 2015

    Every time I step into this man hating Judge's courtroom she completely ignores any evidence my solicitor provided and sides with my ex because in her own words "the child is the product of the mother and belongs to her." She is a disgrace to the bench and there's not a father I have spoken to that hasn't been burned by her.

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  • Ro
    Roger567t Feb 01, 2016

    Unfortunately Susan Purdon-Sully is an absolute disgrace and woman-siding judge but the reality is she is here to stay and will continue enforcing her right winged feminist ideals in custody cases and blindly ignoring independent third party expert evidence. Just speak to any father who has been in her courtroom and you'll understand the extent of this woman's horrors.

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  • Ma
    Marama Kake Feb 17, 2016

    Yes she is an embarrassment to the Australian Judiciary system. It is not a matter of colour, race religion or creed. It is a matter of fact, misconduct of a professional that clearly has trouble keeping emotional stability in court, lacks professional judgement and consistently inserts personal irrelevant opinion into her statements and rulings instead if referring to truth and fact. Knowingly withholding relevant evidence, ostracising parents in court and forming hardened barriers between parents with her poor behaviour and unneeded comments.
    Judges and courts are there to find the healthiest stable option for optimum mental physical and spiritual health for all parties involved especially the children. So surely all in insults, lack of sound judgement and opinions can be put aside to achieve more sound solutions working towards a more harmonious court experience and outcome for all involved.

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  • Th
    thereisnojustice1011 Apr 17, 2016

    There seem to be a lot of men on this blog - so just want to let you know, it is not just men that she treats in this procedurally unfair, bias and unjust manner. She does not listen, read or hear actual evidence, consider actual facts nor let the 'side' she is not bias toward be given the opportunity (natural justice) to raise a defence. If an ICL is acting bias, she does not care. She will take the ICL's word/statement as fact despite a complete lack of evidence, and despite contradicting evidence being in her face, she refuses to hear it. I am really sorry to read your stories. I am a woman and have experienced similar, and a very devastating outcome that has left my entire family dry from the financial burden. Someone above suggested the other sides barrister lied. This is similar to my case, however, the ICL lied. My barrister raised the 'lie' by referring Purdon-Sully to actual evidence, and a witness we were going to call. She stated that if the ICL said it, it must be true, and would not even allow us to raise a defence in trial or call our witnesses.

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  • Fi
    Fighting for My Child May 31, 2016

    Totally agree with these complaints about this Judge. My case Started in July 2014 with me having contact visits for 2 hours, once a Month, Supervised at a Contact Centre. This carried on till March this year. I Haven't seen my child since thanks to my child Losing his temper with the Contact Supervisor. My Child is The Victim of the Lies being told by the Mother, but Purdon - Sully doesn't Seem to take any of this on Board when our case goes back for mention. I've been back in front of her 4 times since July 2014 and My case is always put off for another 3 months or like last time 5 Months. 2016, am I'm still Fighting to see my Child. Case was up for a 2 day hearing and guess what. Purdon - Sully Decides to be Sick after she has Ripped into me saying I'm a Bad Father ... Umm Why ??? I'm the one trying to tell my Side ...and still haven't had a Chance. Now my 2 day hearing has been put off till this Judge can see if she can fit it in since she became ill, then didn't turn up the next day, throwing my case up in the air for another Hearing Date. Mean while My child is safe living with his Mother and her Partner which is a Registed Child Sex Offender ... WTF ?? Purdon-Sully Knows this and Documents to prove. But instead of worrying about the coaching and lies my child is being groomed into believing, Purdon - Sully is more interested in attacking Me and my Lawyer saying we haven't done this or you haven't done that properly ... This Judge is Out Of Touch and she is also costing me a load of Money trying to have access to my child. I'm trying to get my Son out of Harm, but NO ONE IS LISTENING. Even D.O.C are a Joke since this child sex offender attacked only a Girl ... Like WHAT THE HELL ?? ... Their Words ... HELP ME SOMEONE, PLEASE ... I Could go on, and on, but Purdon-Sally ... Wake UP ... Mean While, I'm still Waiting on another Date to be Set for Hearing

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  • Gr
    graedy Jul 23, 2016

    This person does not deserve to be described in any kind of terms as a human. If she is a Mormon she is certainly a disgrace to them. She actually believes that children should suffer abuse as part of their development. The interesting thing is that she actually tampers with court records to hide much of this. However if there were any honest gatekeepers on the judicial system it would be easy for them to see that these things are happening. So it is not just her but the whole judiciary that is promoting, aiding, and abetting the physical, mental, emotional, and most notably the sexual abuse of minor children in Australia. To discredit this just name one barrister, one judge, or one law firm in Australia that seriously works against this. I have almost a decade of evidence to back up my claims.

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  • Re
    Regor345 Sep 02, 2016

    She really is a disgrace..

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  • Sa
    sass2603 Oct 16, 2016

    Hi my case is actually going before Judge Purdon-Sully and so far she has Not read any of the file before making her judgment. My son lived with me full time and ex and I separated 2010 he was abusive and voilent plus took drugs and is still an alcoholic. He then married the female he was cheating on me with and she too is an alcoholic and drug addict. They both have DVOs on each other as well as the police put one on both of them as well. This judge did not even look at any of the papers filed when she made her decision to remove my son from my care and place him with his father. Infact she said on the day so what exactly did the court reporter have to say about this matter. She had not even read the report. Now I have to wait until November 2017 before I can even go back to court to fight for same sort of custody. This judge in my opinion doesn't care about what she is doing to these child she only cares about her bottom line. and that's that she needs to award custody to so many man so it looks like shes doing her job when in fact if she was doing her job she would actually be read all documents filed. So she could know the full picture. She also made it quite clear the reason for not liking me was because I arrived late to court even through I had phone and explained I was broken down on the side of the road waiting for a taxi. I arrived at court before 9:30am instill.

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  • Fr
    Freda Macintosh Nov 02, 2017

    Susan Purdon-Sully also sides wholeheartedly with barristers who she gets along with and has deep rapport. This is a proven fact. She’s not worthy of the standard to which Judges are held. It’s a shame there’s no accountability for her razor sharp acid tongue bullying and abuse of those she discriminates against. Is there any wonder so many fathers commit suicide from being alienated from their children? She has the highest rate of final order reversal on appeal yet only the cosy barristers and solicitors are laughing all the way to the bank. SHAME SUSAN!!! What will our children think when they find out?

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  • Tr
    T Roy 1 Aug 05, 2019

    @Freda Macintosh There’s something you can do contact the federal attorney general at (02) 62777300 and get his email and put your experiences in writing to him. United we stand divided we fall.

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  • An
    Angry as Sep 28, 2018

    She heard all evidence im disgusted in this lady if anything happens to my grandchildren may you sleep well my son was treated like the bloody perpetrator and he got hit with an iron bar and now has to let his children spend time with the thugs pffft

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  • Mr
    mrnoone68648 May 03, 2019

    @Angry as what happen to your son I have a family court date with her on the 9th of this month! and looking at all this I am very worried

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  • Tr
    T Roy 1 Aug 05, 2019

    @mrnoone68648 You stand strong ok. She’s a bully and she’s actually traumatised me. We need to unite and get rid of her. Stay strong

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  • Bh
    BH7005 Aug 25, 2019

    Well, now this story sounds similar. My partner and I have been before her 8 times and I'm still fighting to see my son. It's cost over $50000 this far we have run out of money. I guess we are at this judges mercy now. Why has this person not been removed as a judge. She has ignored the recommendations from the F11 report and Full Family Report. This judge is destroying families not helping them support their children.

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  • Fa
    Father4ever May 14, 2020

    Would like to know what my chances are in relation to this Magistrate of having her removed from my mention .As she is the presiding Magistrate allocated and reading all your comments am very concerned of a fair and equatable outcome. It seems Purdon - Sully seems to add her only personal views and not those of the evidence being submitted . This to me is not fair on us when we are meant to be playing on a level field without having the one who is in control giving her bias views .

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  • Bh
    BH7005 May 14, 2020

    A comment from a barrister was, "a terrible Judge who doesn't read anything". Requested I provide evidence but does not request evidence from the mother. When told I wanted 50/50 said to my lawyer at the time, " I'll just say the father isn't coparenting and he will never get 50/50 care. Another white this Judge said was, " this will never go to trial". Well made her eat her words on that, a final hearing has been set down for June. Disgraceful Judge and shoukd be removed. I've read comments from others where this Judge has said Mothers have more rights because they gave birth to the child. Others have said tgis Judge doesn't follow what is legislated and has the highest turn over rate on appeal of her decisions.

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