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To the complaint board supervisor. hello my name is ashley. on 01/19/2010 i had purchased on line with my credit card number the anti virus live basic. since then they have placed a virus on my computer, trojan etc. causeing me to get a hold of the identity guard total protection. they had worked with me on the phone trying to resolve what they have destroyed on my computer. i received a 30 day free trial. unfortunaetly im on dissablity and cannot afford to continue with identity guard services. i cannot contact the anti virus live basic. this is scary they are taken out my money through my credit card.
im distraught and very upset.


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    ballyhoo Feb 24, 2010

    Dear Ashley;

    These are cyber criminals. Please do not post your personal info (e-mail, phone number) on the web like this. Someone else will take advantage of you. Not everyone is a Native American Blackfoot or Cherokee with your level of honesty. These people were stealing from you. There is no product. They forced you to buy it with a virus. Please contact your bank; they will gladly refund your money if you explain what happened; you are protected against fraudulent charges %100. Next time, turn off your computer and do a system restore. Do not share any further info with these people. Contact the F.B.I. cyber crimes unit online and file a complaint. It is listed under

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