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A Oct 29, 2018
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Sales Rep arrived 24th Sept said completion of conservatory would be mid-October. After reading the T & C's, I signed a contract and gave him a cheque for 30% deposit. Balance due on completion according to their T & C.
Surveyor came out next day then a letter arrived dated 2 days later unilaterally changing the terms and conditions of the contract I signed, by demanding interim payments. When I queried it, I was told I was being rude and that she could not discuss it as she was leaving work early to attend her husband's birthday party. (Some customer service - Not) They booked a 2nd survey but he never showed up, nor did he have the good grace to call me! I was ignored for the best part of a month.
The builder rang on 25th October to arrange start date of base construction for November 1st, he said he would expect £3, 700 before starting work and when I said I was unhappy about this, he said he would get someone from the office to call me. So the director rang me the following day. I am so glad that I recorded the call because she ranted and raged on about how they have done everything to help me and how difficult I am to question how they do business, she accused me of phoning them 3 times a day, which I did not (I called them twice over the course of a month) - She called me a cheeky cow and a nutter. She said she would return my deposit minus payment for the work they have carried out to date. Now here's the thing … They have not done any work! They sent a sales rep round, who grabbed my deposit cheque which their bank cleared within 48 hours! A surveyor to measure up and that's it. So what exactly do they expect me to pay for? My solicitor confirms I have a litigation case against them if I do not receive deposit in full and I will most definitely adopt that course of action if needs be.
I want my deposit back in full.

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    Supaglazing have denied my account of events, however I have all events logged and some conversations recorded and I am prepared to testify in court. In a recording the director clearly states that they will pay my deposit back and no longer carry out any work, then claims that they will return my deposit minus work carried out. As stated beforehand, they have not carried out any work. No one has been to my property since the 25th September when their surveyor measured for conservatory base. The problems started after I said I was not happy about them unilaterally changing the terms of the contract.

  • Updated by AlexBaker · Oct 29, 2018

    Monday 29/10 UPDATE: Surveyor phoned & visited with metaphoric mop & bucket to clear up the Directors mess. Surveyor has guaranteed to oversee the work personally and put same in writing, on the proviso that I take down my post/s. I have agreed to update posts and want a written apology from the director. Watch this space...


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    SteveHH Jan 29, 2019
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    Shame on you Supa Glazing Limited.
    One year on and STILL we have outstanding issues and bi fold doors which fail to slide. They know already because I have been raising concerns for months. Recorded delivery letters sent, no response.
    The owner is aggressive and be prepared if you are luckily enough to have a meeting their staff members argue between themselves and owner eventually hijacking the meeting. Staff members are rude when you 'eventually get through to them.
    The owner/director lady and Supa Glazing Limited are by far the worse individual/company I have ever dealt with. Supa Glazing coming across like if a problem exists it will go away if they ignore the customer, which is never the case. Unprofessional outfit who are not members of anything apart from FENSA, so if you have an extension/conservatory beware as you get no help what so ever, leaving court action as one option.

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