Sunocogas pumps

St Oct 07, 2019

I was just at the self service pumps at the station. All of the pumps have clips to allow you to lock the pump, so you don't have to hold the pump. The pump never shut off when my tank was filled and gas started flowing out of my tank and all over the parking lot. I told the attendant and he told me that was my fault and to move my car. He proceeded to put a little litter on the spill and left most of the gas on the lot. I thought pump locks were illegal in NY. This gas station is terrible. He didn't even offer to let me use a hose to rinse the gas off my car. I have used my sunoco credit card religiously for years on my personal and business vehicles and I will no longer use it since I have other stations in my immediate area. I know one customer is not a major concern, but I hope something is done with this station because since it has changed owners, it has gone down hill.

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