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To Whom It May Concern,
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Last year I purchased a conversion kit from your company online for my 1997 Lincoln Continental. The parts were shipped to me and I had a mechanic install the parts. The back springs operated fine however the front spring struts would “pop” loudly when ever the steering wheel was turned. My mechanic felt that the bearings in the front spring struts were defective. Also your company sent me a plastic part which was supposed to turn off the air suspension disabled light. The part was not compatible with my vehicle, so your company sent me another plastic part which was not compatible with my vehicle and your company never was able to help me get the light turned off. I called your company numerous times about my popping struts and I was finally referred to your tech department where I was told that they knew my front struts were defective because other customers had called in with the same problem. I was told to keep trying to call back until the tech department had come up with a solution. Finally after several months of numerous calls, I was told that the popping problem had been solved, and that I needed to send my defective struts back and then some replacement struts would be sent to me. I could not do this, as I needed my car every day for work and could not afford to let my car sit in a shop while waiting for the struts. I called in and spoke to a lady at your company, “Nechi” or “Barb” I think it was and I asked her if I could just pay for new struts and get them sent to me and then send the old struts in for a refund. Nobody I talked to at your company was able to do this for me. So after trying numerous times to reach a solution with your company, I finally contacted and they sent me two front struts which work great, and they sent me instructions to turn off the air suspension disabled light which worked for me. I had to pay another $140 to a mechanic to do the switch.I also had purchased a complete kit but your company did not send me the back shocks like they were supposed to and then charged me extra money to send me those back shocks.

At this time I would like you to please tell me how to return these defective struts to your company and I would like to be refunded for these front spring struts and for the price of the rear shocks which should have been included in the original conversion kit I paid for.


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    mtt333 Nov 16, 2010
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    I feel your pain. I've had a similar problem with them. nechy is the one i chatted with through IM on their website, someone then called me, i think it was the same person. They were completely [censor]y and RUDE. They need to get their stuff together over there. My impression is one of complete lack of organization, nor do they care.

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