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You can't email. [protected] You get an automatic reply. You cant phone. You get a recorded message. Even the legislature that created this Suffolk County Agency (that is not a Court at all) cannot get through on the phone. Trials are scheduled 2 years in advance. It is not handicapped accessible. If you claim a violation of your rights, you are told in Suffolk County you have no rights. You have to go there if you lose your Court papers. You cannot phone or email. Thre is no online calendar. The Court uses as an excuse that it will not give out personal information. Well, mostly every case is public so this is not true and is only an excuse. Traffic tickets? Personal. Who are you kidding, Mr. M...? In fact, payment of your tickets can be made through a private service, to which entity SCTPVA gives your "personal" information. The next complaint I make will be against the director. Please media outlets its time for a story. Our rights are being abridged.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead
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Shame on you SCTPVA

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  • Mi
      Jun 06, 2017

    I currently reside in Florida and before moving I handled all legal issues, mind you that was in 2012 here we are in 2017 and to no avail I am currently facing a suspended license because they no longer have record from 2012 that these matters were handled. I had to fly all the way back to New York because there is no one to speak to and still to no avail nothing was accomplished because they are trying to tell me I have to pay over $1000 in fines that I already paid back in 2012 ... it is absolutely unreal to me that there was no way to contact anybody or to actually speak with someone. They tell me I should seek an attorney. Downright WRONG I'm so exhausted with this poor excuse of a quart

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  • Jr
      Oct 06, 2017

    I agree with what others have said on this site. I too recently received a ticket and found there is no way to actually speak to anyone. Their practices are a scam and causes harm to us citizens.

    The court has an artificial judicial process that requires me to miss a half-day of work so I can go to my conference hearing. At the hearing I spoke to the prosecutor who made me an offer. The offer was either take no points and pay approximately $500 or three (3) points and pay approximately $300. Mind you, the maximum for the ticket is the latter anyway. What kind of plea-bargain process is this? This seems like a judicial system that creates artificial barriers to discourage individuals from seeking justice.

    It may sound extreme but I feel this is not a legitimate process. This institution is a thiefdom ripe with criminality relative to their processes and procedures. Ask anyone at court and you'll not find a single person who's married or even related to a police officer, judge, even a lawyer unless they've committed an egregious crime. The lawyers have preferential treatment meaning it's a pay-to-play system. There is a reason why PBA cards are doled out by Police. It is a get out of jail free card and in my opinion, institutionalize criminal behavior. What can the citizenry do to find justice?

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  • Il
      Jun 17, 2019

    As stated, you can't phone anyone there, you just get a recording at the published [protected] number.
    They claim that they are a "court of record", therefore they won't talk to you. The SCTPVA is not even a court at all,
    but an agency. The SCTPVA was never properly established, as it would take a vote on referendum to do that.
    Calling yourself A "court of record" when you are not is a crime in New York.

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  • Hp
      Jul 19, 2019

    Everything said on this complaint board is correct. I received a parking ticket by error and have been trying to get SOMEONE to look into the matter. I live more than 6 hours by car from Suffolk County. I have never been to Suffolk County. The ticket indicates my vehicle is a sedan. It is a truck. A simple matter to resolve over the phone, but as we all know, there is no live person to talk to. I would even settle for a dead person since whoever devised this mess is braindead. My next move is to talk to my Assemblyperson. After that, maybe we form a class action lawsuit.

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