Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agencya total scam, prosecutorial misconduct, prejudice against defendants

Di Jan 25, 2019 Hauppauge, NY

Do not pay sctpva in cash if you can. pay your fine online, so there is a computerized record that you can retain. they do not accept personal checks (I understand why), & most people pay in cash. if you do pay with cash, make sure you keep your receipt in a safe place for a long time afterward!! I got pulled over by a suffolk county cop a year after paying a fine for a ticket — he said my driver's license was suspended for failure to pay a fine!!! that is the only ticket I have ever received, so I know this is the only one he could have been talking about.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hauppauge, NY I had to run around to dmv, district court in central islip, to sctpva in hauppauge, back to dmv, then back to district court because the totally incompetent people at sctpva failed to record that I had paid my fine, & they actually attempted to slam me with an additional $600+ in scofflaw fees for failure to pay!! they doubted the receipt that I showed them (how could I possibly manufacture a receipt from there?) & I spent a couple of hours there, refusing to re-pay a fine with a scofflaw fee when it had been paid one year prior. they pretended like my payment wasn't recorded in their computer system, but when I pulled out the stamped & signed receipt, all of a sudden their demeanor changed and they had to call up the supervising clerk & all this other nonsense. the place is a total scam.

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